Сплетница  /

Йен счастилив :)

Ну, наконец-то его собака родила! )))

The Babies have arrived!After an unforgettable,stressful yet magical 24 straight hrs-a sleepless night that turned into day- bonding with Aunt @thejram & Uncle @polivierjr &Nietzsche ushering some beautiful little tiny creatures into this world;I'm officially exhausted… They are here,safe and we're grateful for all of the positive energy you, the world sent our way. Along with some super-fancy camera work from Aunt @ninadobrev Thank you all! Love, US

А это фото из личного архива Нины Добрев:

Birthing little Nietzsches ...Such a beautiful + equally terrifying thing to witness...The miracle of life :) #Wow
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